Chidera Group

Chidera Group was the first Microcredit Program of Bina Foundation established in Ugwuaji community of Enugu State in 2012. The group is made of 10 female traders. The program was set up to offer financial assistance to impoverished women. Each woman received some funding to establish and maintain profitable businesses in order to positively influence their lives and that of their families.

1. Antonia was the first beneficiary of the Microcredit Program and has been a pillar of support for the other members. Her husband was diagnosed with tuberculosis a year ago and this has led to financial challenges for the family. To make ends meet and survive, she started trading in raw food items like garri, beans, rice amongst others. However, she has been unable to expand her business due to lack of money. With the interest-free loan supplied by the Foundation, she has been able to assist her husband with medical bills and also expand her business to make more profit.

2. Chikaodili is another beneficiary of the Microcredit Program and a member of Chidera Group. She lives in Ugwuaji, Enugu State with her husband and daughter and has been struggling financially for years and barely able to survive, even with her plastic trading business. With financial support from Bina Foundation, she has been able to boost her business and now able to buy more items to sell and make more profit. She also joined the Skills Acquisition/Vocation Training department and is involved in learning catering and fast food. She intends to use this knowledge and set up a catering business in the future while expanding her plastic business. She is now able to support her husband financially.