Favor Group

1. Florence is a member of the Favor Group of beneficiaries from Bina Foundation. She is married with seven children and resides at Enugu, Enugu State. She received an interest-free loan from the Foundation to boost her business. She owns a provision shop where she sells common commodities. With this loan she is able to buy her goods from wholesalers at a cheaper rate and make more profit, thus being able to assist her husband with the family finances. “It gives me great joy to be able to contribute to our family welfare and reduce our financial hardship with my salary and profit from my provision business”, said Florence of the impact of Bina Foundation in her life.

2. Esther is another member of the Favor Group of Bina Foundation. She is married with eight children and resides at Enugu, Enugu State. Her husband doesn’t have a stable job and unable to take care of the family. Initially, she was selling sachet water and soft drinks from a cooler in front of her house. She had the intention of embarking on a more profitable trade but there was no available funds until she got an interest-free loan from Bina Foundation through the microcredit scheme. With the help from the Foundation, she was able to expand her business and buy more food items to sell and make more profit. She is now able to take care of her eight children and start a small scale business for the husband.

3. Amaka is the secretary of Favor Group of beneficiaries. She is married with six children. She hawks fruits and is barely able to survive and support her children. Her husband is a driver and earning minimum wage salary. Before she got the interest-free loan, she was unable to buy more goods and had to purchase items on credit. She was in debt with the traders in the market. With help from the Foundation, she is able to expand her business, become debt-free and buy quantities in bulk. She makes more profit and is able to support her husband and children.