A Blind Student, Revd. Benneth Ugwu, regains his sight after 18 years of Blindness

Ordained a deacon in the Anglican Communion, Benneth Ugwu later rose to the position of a Reverend priest and was posted to the All Saints’ Anglican Church, Ihiala, Anambra State, Nigeria, under the Ihiala Diocese. He was not born blind but gradually his sight problems worsened and he finally became blind. For 18 years, Revd. Ugwu went through a disorder of the eye involving progressive disintegration of the retina and optic nerve, which eventually led to a tunnel vision and inability to see.  In the medical phraseology, his case was described as retinitis pigmentosa. As he could no longer perform his duties, he was retired and was on his own until Venerable Emeka Ezeji, Sub Dean of the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd, Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria, located him and introduced him to Bina Foundation where he registered in February 2016 in the Braille Department to help him read again. But the Omniscient God on whom Revd. Ugwu relies upon and preaches of His love and kindness to mankind decided to do a new thing in his life.

The happy Revd. Ugwu excitedly said: “As I left my residence and family at Amachalle Ngwo in Enugu South LGA on Tuesday, 23rd August 2016 and stepped into Bina Foundation compound for my normal training in Braille, I started to see again.  It was like a dream, I blinked my eyes several times in quick succession only to discover it was not a hallucination.  I started to see people; I looked around and saw the entire compound, and many vehicles. I could not restrain myself from shouting and making  joyful noise that I could see.  It was a jubilation galore at Bina Foundation arena.  I danced, danced and danced like I had never done before as a manifestation of my gratitude to God.  All the workers in Michelle Laboratories Limited and passersby rushed into Bina Foundation compound to witness the miracle of the century.  That same day, Radio Nigeria, Authority Newspaper, Daily Independent and other media representatives came to witness the miracle as the news spread like  wildfire. I even later watched it on The NTA Abuja Newsline program. In His own way, the Almighty God has confirmed with the miracle of restoring my sight after 18 years of blindness that He is behind the vision, mission and objectives of Bina Foundation. The history of my life cannot be complete without the positive impact of Bina Foundation in my life. O! God, may You continue to bless Sir Chris Atuegwu and Lady Ifeoma Atuegwu and their entire generation for their charity work for the poor and needy in the society.  The Foundation did much for me.  I was trained in Braille for free.  I was fed and assisted with transportation.  I was encouraged and the trauma of visual disability was rolled away by Bina Foundation. I am exceedingly happy that Bina Foundation has given me hope when all my hope was gone.  I am back to life.”