Orphans & Vulnerable Children Testimonal



Joy and Daniel are orphaned children who are presently residing with their grandmother at Ugwuaji Community in Enugu State. The two siblings were identified by Bina foundation during its outreach recently. Their grandmother Comfort is a hardworking farmer, but she stopped farming due to her tuberculosis ailment. The tuberculosis took away her two sons, including Joy and Daniel’s father. She is living with the children in an uncompleted building Daniel’s father started before he died. She struggles for survival with the TB ailment. Joy and Daniel are sometimes disturbed by Malaria and Catarrh. This she normally treated with local herbs since she could not afford hospital fees. Presently she gathers fire wood from the bush and sells to people especially those that are doing restaurant business. With this meager income, she attempts to provide for joy and Daniel. “I have faith in God says Comfort, I hope to live and see the children grow, I thank BINA Foundation for their visit and noble initiative”.


BINA Foundation has continued to find remedies to enliven the people with special Needs. In pursuit of this noble objective, the Team of BINA staff made a verification visit to the family of Chinyere and Onyeji. The couple died in 2010, leaving behind, their two children Favor and Precious. Presently, the two orphaned children are living with their grandmother in Ugwuaji community of Enugu state.The childrens’ mother Chinyere became very sick in 2010, probably due to HIV/AIDS ailment. She died one week after the birth of her second child Precious,now one and half years old boy. The first child Favor is four years old. Their father Onyeji Onovo also became very sick and died six months later leaving Favor and Precious for a relative to take care of. The relative who has been taking care of the children fell sick and the responsibility of taking care of the children now fell on the grandmother.


                                                Grandmother with Favour & Precious

They are surviving through meager stipends she earns from cutting grasses and other menial jobs and alms given to her by people of goodwill. Favor is in Nursery school while Precious is at home due to lack of school fees. Precious is sick and malnourished. She was not taken to the hospital due to high cost of hospital treatment. It’s quite hard for the woman to make ends meet. However Rebecca expressed her gratitude to  BINA Foundation in their charitable activities to the needy and said, ‘I still thank God for giving me life and strength to take care of these children’. She complained of backache after the day’s tedious job. In the near future BINA Foundation will carry out its medical and charitable outreach to the community in order to minimize the suffering of the targeted persons in that area.