Adult Basic Literacy Projects

A huge population of Nigerians due to various reasons are illiterates and end up in hardship due to their lack of education and inability to get good paying jobs. Females fall prey to commercial sex work in urban and semi-urban areas to make ends meet. Some of them turn to robbery or doing odd-jobs just to survive. In the rural areas, they remain poor and unexposed and resort to small scale farming but can barely provide food for their families. Therefore, Bina Foundation is targeting adults especially those with special needs and widows, who are not educated in order to empower them with education and equip them with the necessary skills to be financially stable. The Foundation developed its Adult Literacy Program with hopes of helping these identified groups of people in the society.

The Foundation plans to give grants to beneficiaries who perform well in the program and wish to further their education. However, Bina Foundation is privately funded and in dire need of assistance to accomplish this goal and reach more people. With additional funds the Foundation can also purchase more materials including textbooks, and other working materials needed. We welcome any individual, government, local and international NGOs that are interested in partnering with us.