Bina Foundation for People with Special Needs is a non-profit NGO that works for improved personal development, economic empowerment, social inclusion and human rights of people with special needs in Nigeria. People with special needs include persons with disability, widows and age-discriminated vulnerable groups such as the young and the aged. The main objective of Bina Foundation is to improve overall life outcomes of people with special needs through the following programs:

Medical Aid:

People with special needs including the poor are provided with free medical assistance in order to optimise their health conditions. Medical programs include basic health checks, health education, sight tests and treatment, routine HIV/AIDS tests and counselling as well as other suitable medical programs that improve health. The Foundation employs the services of committed medical staff and also  some specialists who volunteer their services to serve the poor. Part of Bina Foundation’s medical programs include applying technologies that assist people with disabilities to prevent further deterioration of health and cope with day to day life.

Academic Development:

Bina Foundation runs an effective adult literacy program for people with disabilities. Noteworthy is the Resource & Recreational Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired, which offers computer literacy for the blind, Braille Reading and Writing, Maths and Science, Audio and Braille Book Production, and recreational facilities including special games. Among the beneficiaries of Bina Foundation’s academic development programs, are undergraduates of several Nigerian Universities who passed generic computer-based test (CBTs) that serve as qualifying examinations into Nigerian Universities. Hence, Bina Foundation’s academic development programs enable individuals to overcome disadvantages due to disabilities and compete favourably with their peers.

Skills Development:

Skills development programs serve people with disability who desire to acquire skills in various areas. The foundation provides various skills acquisition and vocational training packages including computer literacy, catering and fast food production, fashion designing, bead making/wire works, shoe and bag making, beauty and barbing salon management, Radio, Phone and T V repairs, Cosmetology, voice and musical band training, paint making, soap making among others. Besides engaging people with special needs, it also builds confidence and encourages them to become independent and employable.

Economic Empowerment:

Bina Foundation complements the skills development program through the provision of financial support that allows the beneficiaries to become self-employed and self-reliant. This program also provides equipment that assist beneficiaries to start-up small enterprises. In 2016, one hundred and eighty (180) persons with special needs received equipment and funding support to commence small enterprises.

Special Sports For People With Disability

Bina Foundation introduced exercise, fitness programs and Adaptive sports or para sports for persons with different forms of disabilities.This is part of Bina Foundation’s rehabilitation and reintegration program aimed at  improving the health, well-being and quality of life of  people with disability. It also offers them psychological benefits like good self-esteem, less stress, confidence, better anger management and a belief in their skills and abilities.The highlight of the sporting activities is the Blind and Visually Impaired Football.

Social Welfare:

Bina Foundation provides various forms of relief to people with special needs in South East Nigeria. This program caters for basic needs of individuals such as provision of clothing, nutrition and other relief materials depending on identified needs. The day to day requirements of persons with special needs are rendered pending such time when they are no longer necessary.


Bina Foundation advocates for public policies that facilitate social inclusion, respect for dignity and Human Rights of people with special needs. Effective collaborations are forged with similar organizations and networks for the purpose of facilitating systemic and institutional strengthening and reforms in issues that negatively affect people with special needs in Nigeria.