Projects for Orphans & Vulnerable Children

AIDS is responsible for leaving a vast number of children without one or both parents in third-world countries such as Nigeria. There is very low life expectancy in these countries resulting in a lot of orphaned children. Nigeria is facing an emergency situation in which millions of orphaned and vulnerable children are in dire need of care and support. They suffer exploitation, abuse, emotional neglect, psychological distress, rejection, discrimination, anxiety, depression and anger. They are often used in child labour and frequently denied basic necessities such as shelter, food, clothing, health care and basic education. Sometimes they are denied their inheritance and property willed to them by their deceased parents. Bina Foundation has identified that these children need help and have put in place measures to assist them through various medical, educational, nutritional, and charitable outreaches.Their care givers are also given some training and empowerment. Hopefully in the future, the government will enact and implement laws to protect their rights and provide them with free quality education and healthcare.