Resource and Recreational Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Bina Foundation saw the need to lend a ‘helping hand’ to the blind and visually impaired especially students through an innovative project—The Resource and Recreational Centre for the Blind and Visual Impaired. It has put in place special equipments and software to offer free computer training for the visually-challenged. On graduation they should be able to use the internet for research, send and receive emails, type documents amongst other things.

Other Goals:

* Braille books and audio books will be produced for those that need them.This will help them transcribe some of their reading materials to the form they are comfortable with.

* The centre has provision for teaching Braille to interested students especially children.

* Recreational facilities like musical band and various games are available for their relaxation.

The blind will in addition, be encouraged to participate in other skill acquisition programmes offered by the foundation.These include among other things – shoe-making, bag-making, bead-making, and pastry- making. In order to further integrate them into the society, the foundation is recruiting and training blind and visually impaired volunteers to participate in its programmes especially the medical outreaches.

The foundation has a rolling admission and participation in any of the programmes is free. Various products for independent living will be displayed.

This project aims at BREAKING THE BARRIERS OF BLINDNESS and gradually channeling the blind towards independent living. They will be encouraged to be self-reliant and confident in themselves.