Bina Foundation

Bina Foundation For People With Special Needs is a Not-for-Profit charitable organization dedicated to providing free medical screening and treatment, nutritional, educational, financial, emotional, and psychological support to people with special needs. It was founded in 2010 with a focus on promoting the wellness of people with special needs in the rural and semi-urban areas of the Eastern Region of Nigeria, West Africa. The driving force of the Foundation is the aspiration to alleviate the marginalization and neglect suffered by a cross-section of people with special needs in the face of seeming government incapacity and/or nonchalance.

Bina Foundation is involved in a lot of programs targeting various populations including the Physically and Mentally Challenged,the blind and visually impaired, the deaf and mute HIV/AIDS victims, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Widows, and the Aged.

Bina Foundation’s Resource Centre for the Blind and visually impaired has various programs including blindness prevention programme; where it prevents people from going blind unnecessarily and supports people with asisstive technology if the blindness is permanent; computer literacy for the blind, reading and writing braille, audio and braille book production, and recreational facilities including special games and musical band among others. The foundation has various skills acquisition and vocational training for the physically challenged and vulnerable people. The participants are trained in computer literacy, catering and fast food, fashion and textile, bead making/wire works, shoe and bag making, beauty and barbing salon, Radio,Phone and T V repairs,  musical band training, soap making among others. The Foundation is also involved in numerous charitable and medical outreaches to various communities providing people with free medical screening, tests, treatment and medications.

Since the  inception in 2010, we have provided numerous services to thousands of people with special needs in our targeted areas, This  includes  monetary donations and other materials to orphanages, homes for the physically challenged, and the marginalized groups in the society including people living with HIV/AIDS and leprosy settlements. In addition, Bina Foundation has also improved the quality of life of people with special needs through the provision of comprehensive medical services.

Our volunteer medical team and social workers work tirelessly to unlock the potentials of the beneficiaries and restore their dignity and belief in humanity. The foundation has already reached out to and empowered thousands of individuals directly and indirectly through its charitable and medical activities in various communities throughout the Eastern Region of Nigeria.

Through our medical visitations, cash, materials and moral support to the destitute, we are able to put smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries while positive impact is being made in their lives. The organization is privately funded by its founders and supported by individuals who are passionate about helping the downtrodden in our society. One of our biggest assets is our volunteer team of selfless medical and social workers who are ready to serve the poorest of the poor in our communities. However, Bina Foundation is young but growing in leaps and bounds and always in need of volunteers who are passionate about our cause and want to make a difference in the society. We welcome local and international agencies that may be interested in partnering with us.